Sunday, 6 July 2014

Bienvenue! C'est la rentree!

Welcome back! It is exciting to begin a new year "en francais" at Osler! Please check out the link for students and parents here:
Students, write down one idea from this link on a paper with your parent's initials for a prize!
There are more of these helpful videos on the FSL Homework Toolbox website shown to the right.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Bonne annee!

Happy New Year! Il neige beaucoup! Il fait tres froid, n'est-ce pas! When we get back to school, students will be learning about the weather, Quebec, Canada and the Olympics in French. There is a link to the Olympics website if you want to follow along or learn more. Don't forget to read in French - books or online! The Olympic website is one place to start. A helpful learning strategy is to add words you find to your personal dictionary and use these words to write a story or journal entry. Every little word counts in your learning! Allez Canada a Sochi 2014!

Monday, 2 December 2013

Francais au Canada et au monde!

Mme.McConville and her students are enjoying the "French room". Students have been learning about French communities in Ontario, Quebec and around the world! Some students have trips planned to visit these communities or have visited them already - quel aventure! I have been to many of these places and look forward to continuing my travels around the world. It is fun to visit places you have read about or read about places you have been! The Grade 4 students have written pen pal letters to friends in Winnipeg!
Students in Grades 4-6 are reading French books at home for "Ma Lecture". Aimee has read 50 books already! These students have read 20 or more books at home this year:  Aaron, Matthew, Akash, Lauren, Brooklyn, Alexsa and Arielle. Felicitations!

Friday, 12 July 2013

Activites d'ete

Bonne ete!
I hope you shared your French albums at home in June. Besides showing some of your best work, they are also a great review for you to look at. I have added some new websites for you to try here. Be sure to turn the sound on!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Bonne annee! 2013

Happy New Year!
Students of French have been continuing their learning through various activities including weekly journal writing and daily oral questions by students. The "Ma Lecture" at-home French reading program is continuing.  Members of the Club de Lecture (who have read 20 or more books at home) include Cassidy, Morgan, Hanna and Douglas. Members of the Club Extraordinaire who have read 50 or more! books include Alexsa, Skyler, Brooklyn and Carver.  Felicitations!  (Kudos to their parents also who listened to all these books!)
Upcoming tests and assignments are:
Gr.4 Weather presentations begin Jan.23, Weather test Jan.29
Gr.5/6 Test -re verbs Jan.29
Gr.6 Re-test faire Jan.22
Gr.6/7 Test -re verbs Jan.29
Gr.7/8 Test -adjectives, "devoir" Jan.24
Remember to study a few minutes each day and participate in class to succeed!
I have found a new FSL (French-as-a Second Language) homework help link -check it out!
FSL homework toolbox (don't worry that it says French Immersion)

A la prochaine...                                      
Madame McConville

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

le 31 octobre

It's been a busy couple of months "a l'ecole".  Students have been busy in French learning about Halloween, Montreal, Paris and other communities!
Each month starting in November, students will have a listening quiz about the questions they ask each other daily in French. Students will write the answers to these familiar questions (spelling doesn't count).  The way to study is to listen in class!!
Other French tests this month will be about stories or topics we have been studying French.
Gr.6/7/8  Nov.8 Listening quiz on daily questions
Gr.5/6     Nov.5 Listening quiz on daily questions
Gr.4        Nov.20 Listening quiz on daily questions
Gr.5    Nov.23 French test - Napoleon book
Gr.6  Nov.27 French test - communaute, pouvoir
Gr.7 Gallant -Nov.27 French test -Montreal, future tense
Gr.7 Barr - Nov.30 French test -Montreal, future tense
Gr.8 Nov.30 French test -Paris, future tense

Madame McConville's other classes:
Gr.6/7 Music test Nov.19 -notes,rests,beats
Gr.7/8 Music song assignment due Nov.15
Gr.5/6 Science tests Nov.27